Crypto, Blockchain, and International Adventures: Why the Best is Still Yet to Come

The past week, give or take, has been filled with tons of adventures. Including, but not limited to: falling down a flight of stairs in Amsterdam, contracting a cold due to the Dutch weather, driving a manual transmission car all the way from Liechtenstein to Munich when I had no idea how to drive stick, and spending three truly memorable days in England, and finally starting my new job.

Yours truly, prior to what I thought was certain death by way of Opel on the way to Munich.
Side note: Forgive the no makeup face.

All that being said, nothing compares to the truly inspiring things I learned about the future of the crypto currency and blockchain industries.

Following what can be viewed as the great rise and fall of Bitcoin, most critics seemingly view the “Crypto bubble” as having popped. After having spent some time in London around some truly talented and driven people, I can bring you the message that this is truly only the beginning.

Several people I have recently had the opportunity to meet have been in this space for quite some time, allowing them to spread their crypto wealth. This is being accomplished not only through the funding of new projects, but also through sharing of knowledge, ultimately leading to truly innovative projects within the crypto space.

While in the UK, I had the opportunity to attend an AlphaBit crypto meetup where I learned about new and exciting projects including TAP, an ICO that is focused on combining the power of crypto with a the pre-existing social construct of a plastic card in our wallet that we swipe for purchases. Other projects included Universal Protocol, a proxy platform, rumored to have acquired the support of a big four accounting firm.

Years later, but still rocking Docs at networking events like back in my Students For Liberty days


From the modernization of how we view money to blockchain based breakthroughs that will undoubtedly change the legal landscape, there is no doubt in my mind that I chose an incredibly exciting and cutting edge industry.

All that being said, it is the other people that occupy the crypto space that make it all worth it. I might have only been in Europe for almost a month, but I am forever grateful for the opportunities I have had over the past few weeks to befriend people who share the similar convictions regarding the potential of these technologies to change the world. All of the moments these past few weeks undoubtedly fall into the category of memories I will cherish forever. The best part being, this is only the beginning!

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