The Music that Moves You: Building the Soundtrack of a Life.

As Aldous Huxley described it, “that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.”

Ultimately, Music enables us to describe the moments that words alone cannot capture. Memories of someone we thought we couldn’t breathe without, or the times that took our breath away.

Having moved once again in my life, this time to a different continent and potentially for an indefinite duration of time, I have once again come to appreciate the way that music provides solace in a way that nothing else can.

Whether the song you associate with most with your first time in Europe;

the song you remember blasting in your red bug when you first got your license;

the artist that got you through incessant bullying in high school;

the ballad, that at 17 years old, you couldn’t listen to without crying;

the music that captured your first semester of freedom in undergrad; or

the song that reminds you of the semester you spent in Italy.

Inevitably, music speaks in ways that words cannot. Much like a smell that you associate with a person or a place, music transports us back to places in our mind that made us who we are.

Memories lived at a beach side music festival experience;

the song that takes us back to incredibly transformative moments in life;

a flash back to that punk rock phase that remains our favorite karaoke song;

the memento serving as a reminder of the time we felt like we were broken in half; or

the song that has been on your personal top chart for years.

Inescapably, music makes us who we are.

Be it the song we don’t want to admit we adore;

the world-wide sensation serving as your home state’s claim to fame; or

the song you shamelessly claim as your own person anthem.

Music is part of our life blood. The sounds that fuel the very fiber of our being. The melodies that write the soundtrack of our lives. Whatever that soundtrack may be, I can only hope that the person it describes is unapologetic.

Now, all there is left to see is what music writes this chapter of my life.

(EDIT: And for those looking for the Blockchain/Crypto music shoutout…If only this were still true at the moment?)

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